The start of my work blog/website experience…

In an effort to stay connected with those in my network I am creating a blog/website.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the San Joaquin Valley. My currently provide medical social services to those who are learning to live life with their medical conditions, and providing support and resources for both the patients and their families.

The work that I have recently added to my  belt of tools include EAGALA, Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association. I have been blessed with the opportunity to contract with Second Chances California as their Mental Health Director. You can read more about our services on my websites links pages. With my team members Julie Baker and Maria Bennett, we provide Equine Assisted Learning to the participants in the Second Chances Program.

We are currently working with our third class of students with Second Chances California, and will start a fourth class some time in February.

I am also listed as a provider with California Victim Services, and would like to provide EAGALA services to those qualifying for this program. (Stanislaus County )



About Crista Swier L.C.S.W.

My love for horses has resulted in a love for education, empowerment, justice, and has made me the Social Worker I am today. I began this journey growing up in Oakland, CA during the 1980’s. There were about a dozen children growing up on Maxwell Avenue. When I was seven years old one of my neighbors knocked on my door and invited me to ride horses with a program her mom heard of through the Mayor’s Office. After my first day I was in love with these great beautiful creatures. The program taught inner city youth the fundamentals of horsemanship to assist in making a positive change for Oakland. I continued to ride with this program until I had maximized what they had to offer and then continued to refine my horsemanship with a local dressage trainer. I was also a member with Metropolitan Horseman’s Association (MHA), where I received Certified Horsemanship Association Level One and participated in beginner level schooling shows. In the sixth grade I learned of a boarding high school who integrated horsemanship into their freshman course work. I thought that would be a great option for me- I can go to an excellent school, move out of Oakland, and ride horses every day. I was driven to succeed in Junior High School to reach the goal of attending a boarding school with horses. As a result of being driven to succeed and be with horses, I stove to be on honor role from the seventh grade through ninth grade, through my boarding high school career, and finally through my Bachelors and Masters programs. Recently I have expanded my personal and professional involvement with horses. After twenty five years of riding horses, and leasing or sponsoring someone else’s horse, I was able to purchase my own horse, Monty, adding to my family of 3 sons, a daughter, a cat, a dog, and a husband. I am also pursuing a certification in EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association), which will allow me to combine my love of horses with my LCSW and provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) or Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) to clients I am working with. I plan to use my training in EAP in both my private practice, as well as offering services to youth and adults through local community programs. In creating an intervention program which incorporates horses will apply my life experiences to helping at risk you in finding the drive to succeed in life. Horses have proven for decades to empower people, and I would like to show you how we can develop a program that improves the lives youth and adults in the San Joaquin Valley, and improve our community! Update* I moved to Texas during the summer of 2016, and recently completed my LCSW Exam process and passed. I am in the beginning stages of connecting with local practitioners, in the EAGALA Model, and hope to secure a location and teammate in the near future. I will update this website with details as I have them.
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